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What is Matt VoLuMe all about??

Hi there! I am Matthew Joshua Lawrence, and most of my friends call me Matt VoLuMe, because I have a powerful voice that seems to project like a loud speaker and I make almost as many sounds as the radio, from wild character impersonations, to beatboxing and singing, one thing is for sure; I love to make noise! As a result of this love for harmonious frequencies and how humans produce them; I gained a passion for finding out specifically what about music and the life I have led that has brought about great healing within me. I found music was always an outlet, not only for escape but enhancing and almost coaxing my emotions to be expressed in the present, in a healthy way.

I will be hosting a wide array of surprise guests from all walks of life, and covering an extensive variety of subjects, typically pertaining to how music and the arts can be used and integrated into lifestyle, and varying therapies, creating habits that will bring about emotional well-being, connectivity, vulnerability, and a higher standard of general contentment and acceptance of the world around them.

I will be looking at self-destructive and divisive aspects of our natures and the ways we cope with day to day existence, outlining character building, as well as, character debasing actions that get in the way of our growth.

Ultimately; I want to see a more emotionally mature and connective society of conscious beings, presently implementing critical thinking about their perceptions of reality in order to adapt and evolve into a state of awareness we never thought possible. As a result, we can take these tools and changes we have made within ourselves and promote visceral transformations in our peers and environs as a whole, through exemplary action in day to day life.

I believe heaven is a state of mind and you can tap in anytime, my goal is to transform fears (False Evidence Appearing Real) into love (truth), teach people to look for facts and healing rather than severely misusing our imaginations to create lies in our consciousness. Albert Einstein said “The key to true intelligence, is a truly open mind”. I’m totally on board with that statement, and what Carl Sagan said as well, “It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out”. I believe there is a balance in life and our addictive natures as a society bring about radical belief systems that we fight viciously over and end up promoting our own ignorance, in leu of what could be a new lesson or at least a beneficial conversation to bring about new understanding. I want to teach, what I believe to be emotional intelligence, which I think we need much more of in our world.

3 thoughts on “What is Matt VoLuMe all about??

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    Zane - June 8, 2019

    Agreed, also fantastic writing. I have a good feeling this site is gonna have killer content and become a success!

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    Katie Shay - June 10, 2019

    Beautifully said! We definitely do need to improve our emotional intelligence on this planet. Do you ever host workshops at festivals? I will be throwing a festival next year I’d love to talk more about having you speak.

    1. Reply
      matt - June 10, 2019

      I would absolutely love that! Thank you so much for the comment. It really helps! I’ll talk to you tomorrow!!

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