Matt VoLuMe Poetry

Grateful on July 6th, 2019

“Heart weighing heavy, when fears broke the levies choking the flow to the freedom of my soul, light took ahold channeling through me like a highway of gold light frequencies, instantly stilling the storm and clearing the forms of confusion and mental pollution, grieving the thieving nature of a walled off conscious, debating the nonsense to separate the painful distaste and begin letting it float away with grace into infinite space, reframing the way it transforms our ways every day. 
Learn to play and throw the fears away, sway with the way the bass plays, drums moving, grooving, and attuning your mind as a prism for light instead of savage insights putting up walls in life, turn the way we walk into a beautiful plight to bring some light into life, as joy thrives and love takes the wheel to drive us to a place of fulfillment in stillness, asking in the present, do you feel this? This bliss, its created in an instant, surrounded completely in space time by this little light of mine, encompassing drowning hearts in safety, saying its ok, I won’t be leaving; I’m always holding you in my electromagnetic arms so you can disarm the funny farm trying to keep you safe from harm.

By the way can I get that pizza with extra parm…

Mic Drop… “

Free written poem,

By: Matt VoLuMe.

Thanks for reading everyone.

I hope you get something beautiful from the artistic expressions I put up here!

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