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The Origins.

So to begin; Lets take an imaginary journey through time from the birth of the universe, or multiverse or what have you…. ALL OF THE SUDDEN; some cosmic sneeze rockets matter, gas and energy in every direction, simultaneously, particulates rushing through the blank canvas of space to paint themselves a resting place with resonant frequencies. It created gravitational waves magnetizing matter, bringing fragments together to create planetary diversity and the stars; asteroids, comets colliding with the surfaces of worlds and burning up in the suns these intergalactic planets are spun around. 

As we narrow the focal point of the story to the Milky Way Galaxy, narrow the scope a bit further and it’s Earth we see; created 4.6 billion years ago, spinning at great velocity. We know life was present on earth for about 3 billion years, but the earliest discovered syrinx, which is a system in the throats of birds designed specifically for sound production, was discovered in a duck like skeleton of an animal said to live around 66-68 million years ago called a Vegavis Iaai. So we know that animals of all kinds have been using sound as a means of communicating long before humans. Out of the primordial ooze of creation we came to be about 50 to 55 million years ago and began to evolve consciously where seemingly no other animals on earth did. 

     When we finally evolved into spatially conscious beings, we began to instinctually use a diversity of tones and inflections to express a variety of things to each other as well as other beings. The early humans living in such a wide array of environments used tone and inflection to indicate all human emotions, and as a way to lift their own spirits going through harsh environs; Sailors would sing to make the grueling work day a bit better, slaves would sing to lift their spirits with their impossible work load from their evil masters, we sang songs marching into battles to intimidate other armies and as a way to pass the time when walking long distance, so we know these are things we have been doing for a long time. 

Pythagorus prescribed songs to people for healing purposes and saw its spiritual, mathematic and intellectual values and it is one of the key components of how modern science was created entirely. So many philosophers, scientists, and scholars alike sought out a way to describe the extraordinary mystical nature of sound as it seems to be the focal point of existence. Inside our mothers womb, we would hear the rhythmic beating of our mothers heart and the gentle swishing of fluids creating a harmonious symphony we were accustomed to from 18 weeks into our creation, at 24 weeks we can process sound and we have 3 times the amount of neurological connections with our ears as with our eyes. We can detect sounds ranging from 20hz to 20,000hz, as humans we are physiologically built to be amazing sound factories. 

I will cover a whole segment about Greek civilization and music as we continue our journey into the world of discovering how music can be a transformative, physiologic, psychologic and intellectual tool to build us into all around more holistically peaceful beings. Life as we know it is vibration and I am excited to hopefully bring a new level of awareness to music lovers of all kinds!

I wanna know the moment we found joy in the beauty of listening to harmony and began using it as a means of finding inner peace. I just imagine the first cave people before we had fire or the wheel or anything we had the sounds of our voices and the sounds of the world we were living in, learning all these new skills and inventing tools to make life easier and interwoven into that evolutionary framework is musical instruments and structures designed specifically for resonance, likely for chanting and group singing practices. 

We are made entirely out of frequency on a subatomic level; So standing in a singing bowl barefoot, feeling the vibrations reverberate throughout our skeletal structure can have an immense neurological impact, that releases a wide array of neurochemicals that are released by our endocrine system in response to the stimulus of music. Cymatics is the study of frequency through matter, so specific Hertz frequencies can be visually created and pictured to give us an exact wave resonance imprint, much like a finger print. 

This is just a brief overview of music history covering the origins of us and life itself, as we continue along, I will be covering tons and tons of different avenues of healing and music in all forms. 

Thank you all for reading my blog and stopping by the page! 

Please comment with questions, opinions and any constructive feedback! 

Thank you all, for if it wasn’t for you, there would be no-one reading this! 🙂

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