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Beautiful Sentiment

“Scattered and shattered, and I’m spinning in a whirlpool, feeling like a fool again.

Feeling light come in like an ocean, energetic commotion, keep me going with locomotion, move your body on the dance floor heat, let your feet freak up in the streets for melodies, coming through light frequencies and I’m seeing these beautiful loving things, happening in front of me, presently, I keep going with the melody, melody, melody, its all in haromony… (Repeat)”

-Beach Music-
Song by, Matt VoLuMe. 
To be released soon…

Moving through emotions is a beautiful process with music; I get to get quiet with my feelings, letting them flow through me like a stream, rather than hanging on with a death grip, vulnerably expressing who I am, exactly as I am, now. I envision my pain scattered and shattered spinning in a whirlpool, and then visualize light coming through me as I take action to create joy in my existence, practicing gratitude and recognizing this universe of beauty, only to be viewed perceptually in the here and now. Appreciating the perfect flow of existence, accepting everything as it is, breathing in deeply and relaxing, freely floating in a stream of inner peace, knowing all the happiness I seek is inside of me.

I am incredibly grateful to feel with a whole heart today. I have a beautiful baby daughter and she has a great dad who loves her more than anything in the world. I have a whole bunch of beautiful friends, walking with me on this journey.

I am exploring and adoring each moment, ready for adventure again, smiling with the sunshine because this little light of mine is shining so bright with a love for life. The strife floats away with the sight of dawn, warming my heart with a swarm of glorious forms of kindness when pain brings blindness. I hope you find that little light bright insight in the night, if focused on only grows strong, and we recognize, it’s something you’ve had all along. If you’re mean to me, let me show you something; I’ll show you love, I’ll heal it with kindness because hate baffles the mind state with fight or flight static debates demonstrating fear based actions attracting typically cyclical patterns of thought, resulting in obsessing about a distraught onslaught of things, reacting with poorly learned behaviors causing waves in a stormy way, turning the perception into a smoke filled haze, until we illuminate, rejuvenate, and expand our heart to be open to serve a purpose that goes beyond words. Let’s try to listen with intuition for the gifts we’re given, letting a shift occur in existence, empathetically seek to be of service, paying attention to someone else’s needs while remaining completely happy is a gift indeed, but not easy to achieve. It takes work, work, work, embodying a way of living that comforts and promotes a safe space for you to feel what you face without the overwhelming weight because you know, you are never alone. We are always interconnected electromagnetically, subatomically together, allowing us tranquility in knowing we can create a sense of joy, because the divisive disconnection painted in the consciousness from hurt, is an illusion seeking to recreate misery to infinity and beyond, until we surrender to the splendor of our feelings and allow the healing in. 
Thank you life for all the lessons. I’m glad to be here and find my grins again, enjoying this wondrous bliss of Now.

Life is truly beautiful.

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